Know. Flow. Grow. Go.

Our Vision

Our vision is to proclaim Jesus Christ and His Life-Changing Power everywhere . . . starting locally with our family and friends and going globally to people who do not know Jesus. God loves people and changes lives and we want everyone to know.

Our Mission

New Life is committed to 4 Mission Focal Points that can be summed in 4 Words: Know, Flow, Grow and Go…


We want to know Jesus Christ so we are Christ- Focused

We try to honor God in everything we do. And there is no better way to honor God than to honor his Son, Jesus. So we want to learn all about Jesus and His way of living by reading and studying the Bible, God’s words to us. We learn and live out the life of Christ in our Care Groups.

We also publicly identify with Jesus through Baptism in water. Jesus was baptized and He instructed all those who follow Him to be baptized. Since we love Jesus, we want to do what is important to Him. Baptism represents death and burial to our old way of living and resurrection to our new life, a new start, free of sin, and walking in Christ’s love and truth.


Flow is about movement and power. We believe that the Holy Spirit enables us to live Spirit Empowered lives

We believe that our own efforts are not enough. We need the power of God to transform our lives in a way that honors and reflects the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek and practice the gifts of the Spirit mentioned in the Bible in chapters such as 1 Corinthians 12 and 14 and Romans 12.

We believe that people can be filled (or baptized) with the Holy Spirit. This means we are overflowing with the power and presence of God. This is described in Acts 2. We believe that this is distinct from receiving the Spirit when we place our trust in Jesus and what he did for us (John 20:19-22, 1 Corinthians 12:3). Because we are finite and God is infinite, we know that there is always room for us to be more Spirit-Filled and more Spirit Empowered.


When Jesus rescued us, He did not intend for us to sit on the sidelines and watch

He has a mission for us and we must get Mission equipped. As we seek to follow Jesus and operate in the gifting and power of the Holy Spirit, we need training. We believe the church is a place to be trained and equipped for service to God.

We get equipped in many different ways, from Adult Care groups, to youth Care Groups, our Sunday School classes, Sunday morning sermons, our church library, and much more!


In the very beginning of creation, God told the first humans to be fruitful and multiply and GO all over the earth…

Jesus restated this again and gave Christians the mission of going to every nation, teaching people about Jesus. So we want to be Multiplication Minded just like God! Our Vision to Proclaim Jesus everywhere—locally and globally. To multiply is to grow. We want to Grow and Go out everywhere, telling people about Jesus and serving people in His love.

New Life helps send and support people proclaiming Jesus around the world. And we also serve right here, Outflowing in our backyard by local supporting organizations like Mid Michigan Teen Challenge, Forgotten Youth Ministry, Emmaus House, Mustard Seed Home, and many more with our time, finances and prayers.

God’s love is too big not to share!