Know. Flow. Grow. Go.

Our Mission

Our vision is to proclaim Jesus Christ and His Life-Changing Power everywhere . . . starting locally with our family and friends and going globally to people who do not know Jesus. God loves people and changes lives and we want everyone to know.

Our Vision

New Life is committed to 4 Mission Focal Points that can be summed in 4 Words: Know, Flow, Grow and Go…


We want to know Jesus Christ deeply so we are Christ-Focused in everything we do. We pursue the Lord in prayer and through passionate worship. We learn about Jesus and his way of living by studying the Bible, God’s words to us. We also live out the life of Christ in our care groups by loving and serving one another in humility, honesty and transparency. We publicly identify with Jesus through baptism in water.


We believe that the Holy Spirit enables us to live Spirit-Empowered lives because our own efforts are not enough. We need the power of God to transform our lives to reflect Jesus Christ and to bring transformation to our community. We operate in the gifts of the Spirit mentioned in the Bible and expect God’s supernatural strength to enable us to pursue His mission.


When Jesus rescued us from sin and death, he did not intend for us to sit on the sidelines and watch. He has a mission for us and we must get Mission-Equipped. As we seek to follow Jesus and operate in the gifting and power of the Holy Spirit, we need training. We believe the local church (composed of believers of various ages and cultural backgrounds) is the place to be trained and equipped for service to God. Learning should always lead to doing. It is our desire to grow up to be just like Jesus.


In the very beginning of Creation, God told the first humans to be fruitful and multiply and GO all over the Earth. Jesus gave Christians the same mission of going to every nation, teaching people about him. We want to be Multiplication-Minded just like God! To multiply is to grow and go. We want to tell people about Jesus and serve them in His love, starting new churches and bringing hope in places of despair. God’s love is too big not to share!ve