Understanding What Matters

Pastor Ken Cline - Aug 25, 2019

Understanding What Matters

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“And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment…” 

Do you ever just stop and look around at the current state of society?  Whether it’s the global society as a whole, or our own country, or even as close as our neighborhoods and workplaces, does it fill you with a sense of hope or do you have a red mark on your forehead from all the facepalming? It isn’t hard to see that our world is turning away from God.  We see horrors and sin in every direction.  But what can we do?  Do we make ourselves a doomsday bunker and live out our days alone and let God sort it out?  Do we go into the streets and preach fire and brimstone?  Can we help?  It’s easy to get frustrated with how seemingly immoral humans have become. Even more so for those of us who do our best to follow Christ and His way of living because we’re right and they’re wrong.  Right? Well, sort of.  But if you go walking up to one of your unsaved co-workers with that “I’m right, you’re not” attitude, chances are, you will not be promoting a positive, effective change in that small slice of society.  In fact, you might end up with another red mark to match your facepalm spot.  In today’s teaching, Pastor Ken show us how our focus shouldn’t be on the right or wrong, but on what really matters – turning hearts toward Christ.

While we do know that the answer to society’s problems is Jesus, and we want the world to know that there is a hope and a future, sometimes it can feel like it’s us against them. Good guys vs. bad guys.  But that creates a confrontational tone, and it’s hard to win souls when you lose the person.  Look at the verse up above again.  It says to let your LOVE abound with knowledge and DISCERNMENT.  So, what does that mean?  Well, let’s take another look around at society, and this time, take off the “holier than thou” glasses and see them as Jesus does.  These are still God’s children.  They need a savior.  It’s possible that they have never been to a church or ever heard the Gospel and they have no idea what living a righteous life means.  To them, they may be living their best life.  They could be conforming to a version of morality they were raised with.  They might live by the philosophy of having fun and looking out for number one.  Are they wrong and we’re right?  Again.  Sort of. To themselves, they’re absolutely right. They don’t have the Word to guide and correct them.  It’s our job to help them see that there is a better way to live, but not by showing them how wrong they are.  We do it by meeting them where they are.  Understanding where they come from and listening to their story.  You might be surprised by the similarities you discover.  Then, once you know them, you can start to love them in the right direction.  It’s not about us being right, it’s about reaching the lost for Jesus.  In the end, that’s what really matters.