If you want to Walk on Water, Get out of the Boat

Pastor Ken Cline - July 21, 2019

If You Want to Walk on Water, Get out of the Boat

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If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get out of the Boat
It’s summertime, the season of cookouts, campfires, and swim parties. Nearly everyone has watched the one kid in the group, giant arm floaties up to his ears, refusing to let go of the ladder or the side of the pool. Maybe you were that kid. No matter how much coaxing your parents did, you were convinced you’d sink straight to the bottom if you let go.
Even as adults, it can be hard to “let go and let God” sometimes. We cling to our comfortable jobs, our savings accounts, and our codependent relationships for dear life. It’s hard to imagine anything better than what we’ve got, so we hold tight no matter what God whispers into our hearts.
Peter was not that way. Bold, and often brash, Peter had a habit of leaping before he looked. Matthew 14 gives us the details of one such incident. 
It had been a long day and a longer night. Jesus’ disciples were tired from ministering to thousands as He taught. They climbed into a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee, eager to arrive at their destination and get a good night’s sleep. But God had other plans for them. A storm swept into the valley making the second half of their journey nearly impossible. It’s now past 3 am and they are exhausted. So exhausted that when they see Jesus walking on the water, they assume He’s a ghost.  
Cue Peter. 
“Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” (v. 28)
This has always made me chuckle a little. What would Peter have done if it wasn’t Jesus commanding him to come? I think I would have stayed in the boat until the “if” was no longer necessary, but that wasn’t Peter’s way. Jesus said “come” and Peter jumped ON to the water. Peter didn’t worry about the wind or waves—not at first anyway. He didn’t question how deep the water was at their location or whether his sandals were water-proof. Like the little kid who wants to do everything his big brother does, Peter walked on water—the only man other than Jesus to do so. 
Pastor Ken unpacks the full story in the sermon recording, including Jesus’ loving response when Peter began to sink. As you listen, consider two questions:
1) Is Jesus calling you to join Him in an adventure made just for you?2) What are you holding on to?
It’s time to get out of the boat.