Just As

Pastor Ken Cline - Jul 7, 2019

Just As

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“I love you,” guy that cut me off in traffic!

“I love you,” girl that laughed at me when I asked if I could pray with her!

“I love you,” people at work who started rumors about me and got me fired!

Wait…what?  Hold on, the auto-correct must be broken.  Pretty sure that should say, “I HATE you” instead, right?  That’s what any normal person would say in that situation isn’t it?

Well, unfortunately, that statement is truer than we would like to admit, but today in Pastor Ken’s latest teaching, titled, “Just As,” he shows us how Jesus commands us to love one another JUST AS he (Jesus) loves us.  Commands?  Yep.  And, yes, “one another” means everyone – even our enemies.  Ouch. But how can you love someone that doesn’t like you?  Someone who’s an outsider?  Someone who talks, acts, smells, and looks different from what you’re used to? Jesus did.  

Jesus defines love for us. In fact, he loves us so much, he willingly died on a cross for us.  For you. For the ones who loved him, but also for the soldiers who nailed him on that cross.  For the people who hated him.  That’s love.  Can you love like that?  Pastor Ken can point you in the right direction.  He might step on your toes a little, but it’s worth it to be more like Jesus!  SO, take a deep breath, and push play!

Oh, and if you’re reading this and think that you’re un-loveable, let me assure you that YOU ARE LOVED at New Life!  Jesus loves you JUST AS you are, so in turn, you can love others JUST AS he loves you.