Pastor Ken Cline - Jun 30, 2019


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Did you know that every follower of Christ is called to a mission?  We as Christians have been called out of the world and brought into the fold of God.  We have been rescued from our broken lives and have been repaired by Jesus – the only one remedy for our brokenness.  But that is not the end of the story.  He now invites us (lovingly commands us) to share the Good News of His healing power with the rest of the world.  In today’s message, Pastor Ken asks the positively and profoundly pointed question:  “What attitude or attitudes are keeping you from the mission?”

As Pastor Ken dives into Jesus’ time spent here on earth, we get to learn how different groups responded to Jesus and His mission and how their attitudes prevented them from not only receiving their King and Saviour, but also precluded them from joining the mission.  The Sadducees compromised for peace and prosperity.  The Zealots thought that violence was the answer to gaining power. The Pharisees were so prideful in their self-righteousness that they missed the point.  And, the Essenes were so removed from everything (literally) they completely missed out on Jesus altogether.

Being a true follower of Christ is no easy task.  There will be conflict and push back, even when we are doing everything the way God would have us.  But if we compromise the truth for the path of least resistance or believe that government is our salvation and fight with the power of politics, then we are no different than the rest of the world.  We may not only lose our influence, but we may be in danger of turning people away from the only hope they have.  Let us remain humble as we seek to save that which is lost and always guard our hearts from attitudes that would prevent us from pointing the dying world around us to the Great Physician – Jesus.