Red Light Green Light

Pastor Ken Cline - Jun 23, 2019

Red Light Green Light

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This past Sunday, Pastor Ken highlighted how God plays Red Light Green Light with us. As He spent 80 years training and positioning Moses for his role as Israel’s delivering agent before sending him on his life’s mission, so He does the same with us. Moses was raised as an Egyptian for his first 40 years, gaining valuable wisdom, power, and leadership training—very much a green light. After this, Moses attempted to deliver his people, Israel, by defending an Israelite who was being mistreated by an Egyptian, but God gave him a red light. It wasn’t the right time for Moses to act out his purpose; instead, he was forced to flee to the desert to spend the next 40 years learning humility as a shepherd. At the end of this time of training, he was finally ready for his mission—and the burning bush gave him the next big green light, time to go!

The sermon encouraged me to look at how God has been giving me red lights and green lights throughout my life as well, using every opportunity to build me and train me for future purposes. I look back at mundane jobs that I once hated—I wanted green lights to other things, but God gave me reds instead–yet these red light times were where He built in me the necessary skills in the non-profit and for-profit worlds to later start a non-profit. Then I thought running that non-profit was my purpose, but found later it was another stepping stone to prepare me for my current job as a researcher for a global non-profit. Even there my past experience has given me the credibility needed to now oversee global research projects on sexual reproductive health, with the ability to bring godly influence into a far-from-godly sector.

It’s amazing to see how He perfectly orchestrated Moses’ life to prepare him for his ultimate purpose, as well as how He has and is using and training me for His plans and purposes in the earth.

Take a moment to reflect on how He has brought you to where you are and marvel at where He will bring you next!