Can > Can’t

Pastor Ken Cline - May 26, 2019

Can > Can't

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Wow…what a timely message for me!  As of late, I have found myself developing more of a “can’t” attitude stemming from my internal struggles with insecurity at work and an ever increasing inferiority complex at home as a husband and father of three.  But, God has created me for more.  He has created me with life and purpose and gifts and abilities, all to be a blessing to the world around me.  And, thankfully, because of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, I can have freedom from the fears that hold me back from being all He created me to be.

In today’s sermon, Pastor Ken walks us through the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi  (which, by the way, he wrote while in prison).  Encouragement and hope flow from the words of this all-time favorite of mine letter as Paul joyfully and gratefully recounts the partnership of the Philippians and reminds them of all that Jesus has done and how it enables us to “do all things through Him who strengthens us.”  Pastor Ken explores the essential practical spiritual disciplines Paul explains can be exercised to walk in the unlimited, unfailing power of Christ, rather than depend on self-sufficiency that always ends up being insufficient in the end.

If Paul could persist in dire circumstances and Jesus could carry the sins of the world to an excruciating death (both being victorious because of their hope in the power and purposes of God), then why can’t we?  A “can’t” attitude breeds despair which only sees impossibilities.  A “can” attitude breeds hope which sees only possibilities.  Therefore, let us go to God and ask Him to pour out His Holy Spirit into our hearts and minds so that, in Christ Jesus, the peace of God will transform us into the “can” people He created us to be.  And let us never forget that, because Jesus did, we can too!