More Than a Miracle

Pastor Ken Cline - May 12, 2019

More Than A Miracle

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Pastor Ken took us back to the tale of the Israelites being rescued from slavery, how God “saw their affliction” and came to them, just as He saw the despair of the nations and sent Jesus, just like He sees our sufferings today and is not far from us.

God saw their affliction under the Egyptians and He came to them. He came to them and rescued them and they were upset about it! And they grumbled…every step of the way. And every time God miraculously provided for them—a path through the red sea, bread, meat, then water—they were amazed, but almost instantly doubted He would do so again. Ultimately, they self-sabotaged and compromised their promise of entering the promised land by their unbelief and so the promise that was meant for them, was given to their children instead. They died never seeing the goodness that was destined for them.

They needed more than a miracle. They needed to be saved not just from their circumstances, but from themselves…even the parts that weren’t their fault, the broken brain, the broken heart…and the parts that were their fault, the refusal to hope, to be vulnerable again, to make God in their own image and believe that He was like them.

Pastor Ken wrapped the sermon around to the same truth for us: more often than not, we need to be rescued from ourselves even more than our circumstances.