The ABCs of the Passion

Pastor Ken Cline - Apr 14, 2019

The ABCs of the Passion

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Do you really look at the whole story of Holy Week? Are you guilty of skimming over the days between Palm Sunday and Easter? As we’ve learned in Pastor Ken’s recent sermons series, “The Word of God,” the Bible is a giant love story; if we miss out on the betrayal, the pain, and the sorrow of the days between waving palm branches and celebrating His resurrection, we miss out on the culmination of this love story. We miss out on the depth of God’s love for us. We miss out on the overwhelming love for Him in return.

In today’s sermon titled “The ABCs of the Passion,” Pastor Ken walks us through it. In the course of seven days, Jesus was Applauded as he entered Jerusalem, but then Betrayed, Criticized and treated with Contempt, Deserted, Denied and Dishonored even by those closest to Him. He was Empty and alone, but then finally Finished His work on the cross and Forgave the sins of the world.

Though this is the account of His death and resurrection, this is also an account of our daily lives. Just as Judas, Peter, and the rest of Jesus’ disciples betrayed, denied, and deserted Him, so do we. How many times have you told the Lord you will follow Him no matter what and don’t? How many times have you praised Him on a Sunday and fallen into sin by Thursday? I was moved as PK repeated throughout the sermon, “don’t be too hard on His disciples because they are just like us.” But Jesus didn’t hang on the cross just to pay for their sins…He suffered for us too and all those still to come. What an overwhelming thought that we are loved by a God that can sympathize with our pain, our sorrows, our trials; who can completely understand us because He has already walked through it all before.