The Wall

Pastor Ken Cline - Apr 7, 2019

The Wall

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God-fearing men and women have never been promised a care-free life of comfort and ease.  In fact, the Bible explicitly warns us that our troubles will actually increase as we seek to follow the Lord more closely. And all Christians will hit a wall in their life at one time or another.  Whether it be trial or tribulation, discouragement or depression, sickness or sorrow, pain or persecution, we are bound to come up against a seemingly insurmountable difficulty.  I have already experienced my own fair share of these “walls” in the 34 years of my life thus far.

When looking at the life of Job, one may be immediately shocked by the trouble that befell this “blameless and upright man” (Job 1:1; 1:8; 2:3).  However, as the story unfolds, we see the plans and purposes behind God allowing the calamity in Job’s life.  Nothing in this world can ever satisfy our deepest longings and desires.  The Person and presence of God alone (especially in the radiant face of His Son Jesus Christ!) is everything we could ever hope for or dream of.  And God is not content to let us grasp after the fleeting pleasures and comforts this world offers.  He intentionally and lovingly places walls directly in front of us so that the only place we have left to look is up to Him.  And not only do these walls point us to the Creator and Redeemer of everything, but they show us that God is also sovereign (in control) of everything – even Satan and the bad things that happen to us, as the story of Job so clearly demonstrates.

This is a great reminder that, no matter what we are facing, we serve a BIG God Who is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to remind us of just how great and mighty He really is so that we can have full confidence in His love and saving power in our lives.  We really have no further to look than the completely obedient life of Christ and the Cross of Calvary as proof .  And the great promise of God to His children amidst the troubles of this life is that we are His and He is ours.  We can know Him here and now, and eventually, we will get to know Him all the more fully forever.