Questions, Questions, Questions

Pastor Ken Cline - Mar 31, 2019

Questions, Questions, Questions

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In today’s teaching, entitled “Questions, Questions,” Pastor Ken recaps his four-part series, “The Word of God.”  This series has been an eye-opening exploration into the best-selling book of all time and has helped answer the question, “what’s so special about the Bible?” Throughout the series, we discovered that this book – this God-inspired, living book – is an epic love story filled with more drama, excitement, and intrigue than Hollywood could ever cook up. And (spoiler alert) it’s all true!  We learned about God’s unwavering faithfulness, how the Word applies to each of us personally and is relevant for today, as well as 6 principles to help us read and study the Bible with purpose.   If you missed some or all of this powerful series, get over to and get caught up!

In, “Questions, Questions,” PK ends the series by – you guessed it – answering some burning questions that were sent to him by members of the congregation.  While not specifically questions about the Bible, all the answers to these and all of our questions can be found in it’s Spirit-filled pages.  That’s exactly how PK answers four of the several questions he received.  Why only four?  Well, you know us church people, lunch waits for no one!  Ok, so that might not actually be the reason, but Sunday mornings do have time constraints, so Pastor Ken chose the top four.  The good news is, if you have more questions about the Bible – like, “what the heck does ‘verily’ mean anyway?” – PK is just a phone call away.

The questions answered in today’s sermon are:

“Where does God come from?”

“Why do people get new names in the Bible?”

“Is Cremation Christian?” and

“Why do bad things happen?”


Wanna’ know the answers?  Well, kick back, pop in your earbuds and find out in, “Questions, Questions.”